The First Fruit of Thy Soil

“Bring the best of the first fruits of your soil to the house of the Lord your God…”

Exodus 23:19 NIV

What shall I give to the Lord?
He, who gave me everything;
Not just something I can afford,
Rather, the best for my King.

Anything we do for God,
It must be our very best;
For throughout the land we trod,
O, how we are truly blessed.

Bring it on thy finest work,
Gladly bring it for the Lord;
Keep it as your strong bulwark,
Well written in God’s record.

Every first fruit of thy soil,
Behold, how great and plenty;
The fruit of thy earnest toil,
It shows how God has blessed thee.

We are all born from nothing,
And to nothing we return;
Yet God has turned us to something,
His love is great to discern.

Remember He who gave thee,
And filled thee with everything;
A freed soul we cannot be,
Without Him sacrificing.

Now, what can we give to Him?
He, who gave us everything;
Our hearts and our praise of hymn,
To Thee our heavenly King.