God’s angels at Soi 37 Pridi Banomyong, Bangkok

Here is a story on how God protected His children from a near-disastrous accident. It happened on a pedestrian lane, near the corner of Pridi Banomyong Soi 37, Bangkok, past 9:00 P.M.

The story was shared with us by Mrs. Ethel Galvo. It was taken from her Facebook social media account with permission.

Angels Among Us

 Last night was BAIS On Our Way to Bethlehem 2019-2020. After the program, Pastor Arn and I went home with our girls, Gracey, Arneelou and another friend of theirs. Kuya JJ was left behind with his bff Sashe and some other BAIS friends. 

Upon reaching home, we had our dinner while reviewing the videos and photos that we took during the program. Then, Daddy’s phone rang. It was JJ. 

Kuya JJ’s not home yet

He said he and his friend were still by the gate of Winning Tower and told Daddy that he needs to go down and that he needs him to talk. He did not give much details but we sensed that something was wrong. 

So Pastor went, and I stayed with the girls who were already in bed. My heart felt uneasy. 

Several minutes had passed. I already sang songs and removed my make up, but Daddy and Kuya JJ were not yet back. No phone call either. 

I checked on my girls but they were already asleep, or I just thought so. I decided to go down and check on Daddy and Kuya JJ. While nearing the Winning Tower gate, I could not see anyone. So I went further and tried to check where they were. 

Then, I noticed Sashe riding the motorcycle with Bro. Peter on the other side of the road. But I did not see Kuya JJ. Then, I saw Daddy walking towards my direction, alone. My heart started to beat fast, faster, and fastest!!! 

Big truck coming

Apparently, JJ and Sashe had an almost disastrous accident. While crossing from the BAIS side of the road, a big truck was coming but from a distance. The truck started to slow down so they tried to cross the road going to the Winning Tower side. 

Half running so they can cross the road before the truck passes when suddenly a very, very fast motorcycle appeared. Kuya said that he just heard a sound that seems to be coming from something that was very fast and from the side of his eye saw a light, a bright light. 

Bright light

Sashe was a step ahead of him. But upon realizing that something bright was very fast approaching, he grabbed Sashe’s right shoulder, JUST IN TIME! Sashe was hit by the motorcycle on her lower left leg, and the motorcycle skidded around 20-25 meters away from them. 

Realizing what happened, JJ assisted Sashe who was already limping and helped her cross to the other side. After making sure that Sashe was okay, he went to check on the one in the motorcycle, asked if he was ok, and helped the man get up from the road. He even went to 7-11 and bought water and Pepsi for the man, whose arm was wounded and with the mirror of “his” motorcycle broken. 

“Pay me right away”

Then, this man asked JJ and Sashe to just pay him right away and there’s no need to go to the police station. After some discussions, Kuya told the man that he would call his dad since he has no money at hand. 

Then Daddy, upon learning what happened, immediately called Bro. Peter who came to the scene as fast as lightning, to rescue “his family members” who were in trouble. 

He asked JJ where did they cross. Did they use the pedestrian lane? Knowing my son, he always, always use the pedestrian lane when crossing. He really won’t cross the road with you if you are not using the pedestrian lane. 

After asking a few questions, they agreed to check the CCTV. He advised Daddy to just stay and he will just bring the kiddos to the police station. Past midnight, they came back. He said the mothers will go to jail for a month instead of them ? 

Case closed

“The case is closed,” Bro. Peter said. This motorcycle guy was apparently racing against his friend, in his friend’s motorcycle, without helmet and license, and was driving reaaaallllllyyyyyy fast!

JJ said he doesn’t know how but he just suddenly thought of grabbing Sashe’s shoulders that made it possible for Sashe from getting hit badly and probably dragged by the motorcycle. He said if he wasn’t able to do that and something happened to Sashe, he might not be able to forgive himself for the rest of his life. 


He was not wearing earphones at that time. I have been convincing him not to put on his earphones when on the road. But last night he had no earphones. And when I asked him if he now understood why I wanted him not to use earphones while on the road, he said yes. If he had them stuck in his ears, he wouldn’t have been able to hear the sound of the motorcycle and both of them could have been hit seriously. 

JJ said, one thing Mr. Peter wanted us to learn is to NEVER, NEVER TELL A LIE. ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH. Whatever happens, the truth always wins.

For me, with this incident, again, I know THERE ARE ANGELS AMONG US, both seen and unseen. It was 1:45 a.m. when we were able to go to bed. 

It was a long journey from Bethlehem indeed! Praising God for His angels and for His safekeeping, 24/7! Thank you, Lord, for keeping us, and our children safe.

We praise God and appreciate Mrs. Ethel for sharing this testimony. We pray for the full recovery of Sashe, as well as the motorbike driver. We hope that this incident would be a lesson for everyone and an eye-opening experience for the people involved, especially to the driver and his friends. May their eyes be opened to see God’s goodness!

This reminded us of another incident from the Bible where God sent an angel, right from His heavenly throne, to where Daniel was. It was recorded in Daniel 9:21 and the verse describes it this way:

“while I was still in prayer, Gabriel…came to me in swift flight…” 

We can imagine the flashing light and sound made by angel Gabriel as he swooped down from heaven to earth as fast as the blink of an eye.

With Kuya JJ and Sashe, perhaps the angels were already with them even before the unfortunate event took place. Perhaps the angels convinced Kuya JJ not to wear the earphone.

”For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.“

Psalm 91:11 NIV

Most of the time, the ‘angels’ are our friends and family members who respond positively to the request of the Holy Spirit to help us.

Have you experienced God’s protection through the ministration of His angels? Share your testimony through the comment box below.


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