Alternatives to TV and social media

No. This isn’t about other avenues where we can watch movies aside from TV. This is simply about unplugging. But why?

TVs, the Internet, and other ‘tubes’ simply disconnect us from reality. For those of you who are able to spend some minutes or so on TV or Facebook in a day, maybe that’s fine. But for many of us who have promised not to get hooked on it realized that we are now being controlled by these media. We even work hard (some systematically borrowed money) just to get that biggest flat screen and placed in the middle of our home, or get the latest smartphone that delivers HD quality to fully enjoy those entertainments.

It makes us lazy, unproductive, and, worst of all (whether we are aware or not), most of the shows are designed to indoctrinate us with philosophies that are contrary to God’s Word.

And so here are a few suggestions on how to enjoy life even without those things that the world is getting crazy about:

Connecting with those in need

Surprisingly, one of the suggestions for those who are “loaded and depressed” is to go out and find people to help. Experience tells us that the more we help others the more we feel blessed and contented. This is an activity that will give us many practical lessons and experiences that will make us a better person. No wasted time indeed.

Get together with friends and family

Of course this get together must be in a positive note. Aside from having deeper relationship with friends and loved ones, interactions boost brain hormones related to overall well-being and happiness.

Engage in a new task, hobby, or project

This will give us new challenges and a sort of direction. It will challenge our brain to learn and apply newer things. It increases overall problem-solving ability and creates novelty in a positive way.

Go outside

Outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, bicycling, mountain climbing, jogging, walking on seashore and other physical activities help us reconnect to the nature and see God’s blessings in many ways.

Play with pets

Playing with pets relieves stress. God made these fellow creatures for us to enjoy. If you don’t own a pet, you can visit some pet cafes. Cat, dog, and hamster cafes are common now where one can enjoy the food, as well as watch and play with pets.

Read mentally challenging books

Reading inspiring and mentally challenging books helps in boosting creativity and increases the brain’s ability to solve problems and handle stress.

Eat nutritious food

Eat fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and nuts instead of taking in caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and nicotine during your pastime. Consuming pure water and healthy food increases mental and physical endurance while removing the negative effects of those harmful substances in our bodies.

Read the Bible and listen to godly sermons

The enemy is on his way to confuse our minds, and our only safeguard is to study and apply God’s words. When we spent an hour and a half watching Hollywood movies instead of reading God’s Word the enemy has won a battle in our lives. These two have totally opposite teachings and both want to rule our lives. Which one will you allow to come in?

We may not totally unplug from those gadgets, but doing so once in a while will help us realize that there are more blessings to enjoy.

“Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, but revive me in Your ways.” Psalm 119:37 WEB.


“Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, but revive me in Your ways.”
– Psalm 119:37 WEB.