Witnessing the Divine Hand: Answered Prayers and Divine Guidance

In the realm of faith and spirituality, some moments leave us astounded, moments that reaffirm our belief in the active presence of a higher power. Such moments often come wrapped in the beauty of answered prayers and divine guidance. A recent BIC Young Adult Care Group gathering in Bangkok, Thailand, witnessed one such powerful episode.

On the evening of Wednesday, September 6, this close-knit community, like every other Wednesday, assembled for a session guided by their secretary, Marian. The night’s focus was a profound exploration of the chapter “Pearls before Swine” of the book Hard Sayings of Jesus by F.F. Bruce, centered on Matthew 7:6.

Pleading for message retention

However, this Wednesday was a unique surprise. The Ekamai International School (EIS) was conducting its student week of prayer from September 4 to 8. In an unexpected turn of events, Christopher Sorenson, the speaker chosen for the Middle School and High School students, joined the Young Adult Care Group’s Bible study this evening.

The customary practice of the group involves a prayer request session at the close of every Wednesday meeting. This time, however, their hearts were filled with more thanksgiving than requests. It was a moment of revelation, highlighting how God had consistently responded to their prayers, injecting hope and faith into their spiritual journey. Among the few prayer requests surfaced was a heartfelt plea from Christopher, who asked for prayers regarding the students’ comprehension and retention of his message.

With the meeting adjourned, the members socialized briefly outside, their spirits lifted by the communion they had just experienced.

The Answer

One of the group’s members, Erica, who also teaches the Juniors and Teens class on Saturday mornings at BIC International Seventh-day Adventist Church, would later find herself at the epicenter of a remarkable sequence of events. Her Saturday morning lesson centered on “Crossing the Jordan,” emphasizing the journey to the promised land. As part of the lesson, she asked the young participants to draw a key and jot down the key to reaching the promised land. To her amazement, the children began to articulate critical points from Christopher’s recent week of prayer messages. It was a clear sign that their prayers were being answered.

Overwhelmed by this divine encounter, Erica sought to share this profound moment with Christopher. Her curiosity led her to seek him out on Facebook. However, God had other plans.

God Is Involving Other People

Later that afternoon, as they relaxed at Dollie’s house after a delectable lunch, Dollie’s mom, Aunt Jubi, inquired about a container of brownies she had prepared for Christopher’s children. In the ensuing conversation, Erica eagerly shared the heartwarming messages from her students with Aunt Jubi, who responded with a surprising proposal: “You should come down with me and tell him yourself.”

Embracing the opportunity, Erica swiftly donned her shoes, ready to share the miraculous testimonies she had witnessed.

Upon meeting Christopher, Erica relayed the messages from her teens. His response was nothing short of awe-inspiring. He expressed his delight at being part of the Wednesday meeting, commending the group’s tight-knit community of young individuals who came together to study the Bible and support one another. His final words, however, held the key to the remarkable sequence of events: “Your group answered my prayer.”

God’s Other Plan & His Divine Hand

Christopher went on to explain his journey. He had been struggling to find an effective way to convey the message of the Lord’s Prayer to the students during the week of prayer. Despite his best efforts and exhaustive research, he was at an impasse. A chance encounter with Aunt Jubi and Renato, another friend, during a walk had led him to the Wednesday meeting. In his room, a debate ensued. He had to prepare for his Saturday sermon, yet he felt compelled to attend the meeting.

As the Bible study unfolded, the discussion on “Pearls before Swine” captivated him. He had been absent for most of it but sought the facilitator’s notes to catch up later. Exhausted, he went to bed without reading them. However, at five o’clock in the morning, he awoke with purpose. He realized that the Lord’s Prayer, while profound, might not be suitable for a student body where 90% were not Christian. Then, he understood the importance of hearing the message “Pearls Before Swine.” God had guided him to discern the needs of his audience, prompting him to change his message to something more aligned with their readiness.

Witnessing this divine orchestration left Erica profoundly moved. While tears may not come quickly to her, the unmistakable presence of God at work stirred emotions beyond words.

In this testimony, we find a testament to how faith, prayer, and community intersect to reveal the divine hand at work. It serves as a reminder..

that even in the complexity of life’s challenges, there is a guiding force that answers prayers, offers guidance, and brings communities together in a beautiful tapestry of faith.

The experience of the BIC Young Adult Care Group on that Wednesday evening reminds us that God is always at work, and His plans often unfold in ways that leave us in awe.

BIC Young Adults
BIC Young Adults in one of their weekly meetups. (Erica is holding the paper with pink dot, Auntie Jubi is with the green, and Christopher with the blue)

Written by Erica Mateus