“We used to talk about serving God and growing old together, but that never materialized…”

(A reflection on the 10 Days of Prayer program.)

I am a firm believer in prayer, and for ten days (and even until now) I have had the great privilege of praying for seven people who are very dear to me. Although I have not seen the fulfillment of all my prayers yet, I really trust in God’s faithfulness. He will surely do miracles in their lives.

Best of all, while praying for others I feel that I am the most blessed. I now have the peace in my heart like never before, ever since my husband’s passing almost 9 years ago.

My late husband and I used to talk about serving God and growing old together, but that never materialized. I was devastated and my heart was fragmented beyond repair (or so I thought), but with the Great Healer’s touch I am healing beautifully and gracefully.

Yes, the painful and bitter scars still remain (and my tears still flow every now and then) but God has never failed to amaze me of His wondrous love and care. I can fully attest that whatever happens in our lives, God is always by our side! The BEST is yet to come!

My dear family and friends, let us not fear the unknown tomorrows for we know Who holds our hands. He will never let go! Let us continue praying for each other for we surely need the prayers of those we love (and of those who love us).


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