Thank God for Volunteer Teachers

Our children today are exposed to the lure of worldly enticements. If we are not aware of these things, we unknowingly place our children in the danger zone which can lead to a decline in their spiritual growth. However, as a proactive church, we seriously take heed of Christ’s injunction to suffer the little children come to Him. In fact, Ellen G. White has also written about the work of parents, and of Christ’s ambassadors, to ensure that our children are properly schooled in the Word of God.

Those of us who have volunteered to teach in the children’s Sabbath School can testify that this is no easy task. While children need a caring and understanding church that supports their spiritual development, our volunteer teachers also need a helping hand and lots of encouragement in faithfully carrying out the divine task that the church has placed upon their shoulders for the spiritual learning of our children.

Thus, the Sabbath School Department has organized a special Sabbath School program in collaboration with the children’s division on December 2, 2017. Aside from the usual parts of the program, the children’s presentations consisting of lively action songs and memory verses added fresh inspirations to the spiritual atmosphere. In addition, the Sabbath School Superintendent made a thoughtful gesture of appreciating our former batch of children’s Sabbath School teachers with a certificate. The active teachers among us who volunteered their time and effort in teaching our young children were Deena Das, Berlynn Ronquillo, Althea Cora Osena, Liz Osena, Ian Cordero, Joanne Laude, Lizza Pangilinan, Janice Godilano, Rodney Roy Peter, Maurice Meringuez, Amara Joan Sims, Renuka Thomas, Tommy Thomas, Eliel Cruz, Karen Care Cadapan, Peter Fretten, Luther Ku, and Yonghui Fu.

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Over the years, our children’s Sabbath School has been blessed with dedicated and good-hearted men and women who have a heart for volunteer service in ministering to the spiritual needs of our children. With the constant efforts of the Children’s Ministry team to sustain a smooth implementation of our religious programs for the children comes an ongoing need for more volunteers who can assist with some existing teaching responsibilities to lighten the load of others, especially in the kindergarten class.

Finally, the Children’s Ministry Department humbly entreats the prayers of our brethren for our volunteer teachers so that their passion for service will continue to grow in their hearts and in order that others who have seen their noble work will be touched by their sacrifices and be inspired to follow in their footsteps. In closing, let’s ponder upon the Psalmist’s encouraging words:

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” Psalms 107:1


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