Practical tips to be less materialistic

Ask yourself these questions: How much did I spend this week for that Bubble tea or Starbucks coffee? Do I really need those? How much did I put into the offering bag the last time I worshipped God through giving?

How much of the resources entrusted to us are we using to buy things that, most of the time, we don’t need? How much money do we give back to God to support the spreading of His Good News throughout this earth? How much of our energy and efforts are we using to share His love to our relatives, friends, and neighbors?

There is nothing wrong in being wealthy or working hard to have a comfortable life. The Bible tells us that the problem lies in our love to it, or simply put – the problem is that our pursuit of money becomes our priority in life (1 Timothy 6:10).

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God” is what we should prioritize, then “all these things will be added” unto us (Matthew 6:33).

Below are a few of practical ways to help us focus less on possessions and place our value on more important things.

1.   Volunteer more

Focus on serving and helping others. You will see other’s needs and hopefully contribute to ease their burdens.

2.   Curb your shopping

Don’t make shopping a social event, go to nature instead. Some people leave their wallet or ATMs when going to malls. Shopping for them is mainly for getting ideas or techniques where they can apply at home.

3.   Shop with a list

Focus on things you need instead of being distracted by things you want.

4.   30-day wait

If you see something you want, wait “30 days” before buying it. You will have time to think you purchase over.

5.   Limit TV and Internet browsing

Try to limit your exposure to advertisements. You should be smart enough to know that all they want is for you to think that you need their products which most of the time you don’t.

6.   Buy second hand

Many good deals are waiting to be found. There are many Facebook pages made for selling second hand items.

7.   Declutter

Purge your wardrobe, bathroom, and kitchen.

8.   Don’t be quick to replace things

Try to fix and repair before purchasing anew.

9.   Value yourself more

Invest in education, new hobbies, skill classes. Let people know Jesus’ character more which reflects on you, rather than your new gadgets or dress.

10. Choose experiences over items

Spend time with the people important to you. Love is demonstrated over time.

11. Live within your means

If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it, or better not to think of it.

12. Think about your legacy

Imagine you have only a fews days left to live: what legacy do you intend to leave behind?

13. Think green

Buy items that are good for the environment. Re-use. Re-cycle.

I know there are more tips to add to this list. Share it with us using the comment box below!