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Manna To Go: Your next personal story to tell someday in heaven

Manna To Go is back!

On Sunday, February 25 at 6 o’clock in the morning, about twenty BIC members walked around Rajamungala Stadium distributing bread and religious tracts.

With bags of free bread and the good news of hope, they tread upon the streets of Klongtan and Ramkhamhaeng Road to share God’s love and salvation to the Thai people they met along the way.

The groups occupied both sides of the street as they handed out packs of bread and leaflets to young and old passing by.

Preparation for this outreach mission began on Saturday night, with participants eagerly packing the materials to be distributed early the next morning.

Manna To Go has been a project of the BIC Adventist Youth to provide opportunities to experience the joy of giving as a church. Other members of the church who were unable to join the event were happy to be part of the project by sending their donations.

The overall experience is a powerful work of the Holy Spirit reaching out to people of all walks of life in the Ramkhamhaeng area, as well as to the volunteers.

Here are some reflections from the participants:

“With everything provided by the Lord we went out and shared physical and spiritual food that surely nourished souls. It was a sweet, sweet sacrifice to wake up early on a Sunday morning, but what inspired my husband and I to join is the hope that God will bring the same joy of salvation to others through Manna-To-Go. We were excited to share Jesus with others, and we praise the Lord for the privilege to do so.” – Ysha Shimray

“It was an early morning for us. Leslie was excited to participate in his first Manna to Go ministry. We had prepared him weeks earlier and he was ready. When we reached Rajamangala Stadium, Leslie identified the bag he wanted to carry and held it tight. As we walked up Ramkhamhaeng road, Leslie was in the lead. We saw vendors setting up their stalls. We took advantage and started distributing our packs. I was a little shy and hesitant to give out the packs, but Pastor Galvo said, “Wear a smile,” so I did and I felt better. But Leslie was far more assertive than his mommy. He simply charged forward wearing a smile, distributing his packs of bread and water. Even when a vendor spoke out loudly and threw the pamphlet away saying, “Christian, I don’t want this!” we pressed on. Leslie was not discouraged. I was a little reserved, but boy did I learn something from my son. The rejection did not bother him. Instead, he was more motivated. I asked him, “Will you do this again?” He replied, “Of course!” Jesus said in Matthew 18:3-4, “I tell you the truth, unless you turn around and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever then humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Let us bring our children and participate in spreading the word of God together.” – Farrel Gara

Don’t miss the next Manna To Go mission. It can be your next personal story that you can tell someday in heaven!

Photos: Sherill, Eliel, Ptr. Arn | Video: Ganda


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