Jesus 4 Slum Kids: Sponsor a Thai child to school

Since 2017, Jesus for Slum Kids and Jesus for Asia have decided to provide scholarships for children of any age from slums around Thailand. Starting in the On Nut 49 slum in Bangkok, Thailand, two students have been selected and are currently studying at Chiang Mai Adventist Academy.

We have 3 criteria in which we select our students to be eligible for our scholarship:

1. Excellency in school

This is for the child who lives up to his/her potential in school, and would like to go to a school with a better atmosphere and curriculum; a child who is dedicated to bettering his/her lot in life through education.

2. Desiring Jesus

This is for the child who shows determination in knowing Jesus, a kid who remembers Bible verses and volunteers to pray, a child who shows humility and desire to help others.

3. Bad situation

A child who is in an environment that is detrimental to their physical, mental, and/or spiritual well being, a child who is in home where there is drug or alcohol abuse, physical or mental abuse, or sexual abuse.

Our mission is to bring children into an environment that is more conducive to their spiritual, physical, and mental well-being; to bring them to a place where they will be introduced to Jesus on a personal level, an opportunity that would be difficult to have within the context of their home community.

We understand that this is a big project, but we also need to realize that this is a huge opportunity for us to work together for God’s cause. Remember that two students are already in their studies at Chiang Mai Adventist Academy. God is showing us that it is possible!

We hope that you would prayerfully consider sponsoring a child, or share this post to your friends as it might reach the right person to help our slum children.

Please visit website for more details.