Heavenly airport: forever goodbye or forever hello?

One thing that I enjoy while waiting at the airport is “people watching.” I can see the latest trends of airport fashion, see different races and nationalities, all kinds of luggage and bags, handsome men, beautiful ladies, and lovely families, but best of all what I enjoy is when people get to meet each other and be reunited with their loved ones and others who took the time and effort to meet them or pick them up from the airport.

You can see the happiness in their eyes and sometimes teary eyes. Even strangers shared a smile or two with each other. The beauty of reuniting with family and friends is a sight to behold and a moment to be captured.

How much more in that heavenly airport, awaiting clouds of angels to take us up with Him to that heavenly home. What joy! What beauty! Imagine the smiles and tears of happiness mixed with laughter when we finally meet our long lost loved ones!


However, tears of sadness will also come when we look around and can’t find the person/s who we want to meet, to be with us in that journey and to be reunited with our Father in heaven; but then “God will wipe all their tears from their eyes” with the sweet promise of an eternal bliss in His loving arms with the people who love Him as much…

Who do you want to see at that time? Who do you want to be reunited with?

As for me, I long to be reunited with my Creator, my Dear Friend and Saviour Jesus Christ. How about you?

(Photos: Ganda Sihotang)


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