let us write for Jesus

Dear BIC writers and bloggers

BIC needs you. Your joy in writing is needed by our church here in Bangkok. Our church website is one platform where you can develop and maximize your writing skills and broaden your network.

We are looking for volunteer writers (experienced or not) who can take turns of doing the following:

  1. Write 3-6 paragraphs (approximately 300 words) about the sermon for the week. It can be any or a mix of:
  • What is the sermon all about and why should people watch it?
  • What you’ve learned from the sermon and how it will bless those who will watch it?

Basically, the idea is to promote God’s message in the sermon (video) into words. The summary of the sermon is printed on the Sabbath bulletin but we would love to know the point of view of someone who is listening and that is why we need you, writers, to share your experience on the message told on that day. Powerpoint slides by the speaker are also a good source for your article. You may take down your own notes while listening to the sermon.

Your composition will be put it on our website together with the sermon video and will be shared on the Internet.

Here are two examples: The Better Side of the Cross, 9 Ways to Level Up Your Prayer Experience

    1. Work with the video projects planned by the church media team as a scriptwriter, etc.


  1. Write a blog of about anything (average of 300 words) that is motivational, inspirational, and Biblical. You may wish to encourage readers to follow a Christian life, or share object lessons, and insights from personal Bible reading, etc.

By partnering with these projects you will have your profile eternally embedded on our church website and may use it for your career growth in portfolios or on your resume.

There are many more ways we can exemplify our writing skills. We can also organize a BIC Writers Club to help one another grow in this passion. In the future, a book or devotional can be made to help the church and school building fundraising efforts.

But for now, our church needs your volunteer work in the tasks mentioned in letter A above.

This can be your calling and ministry for the church. You do not need to be a pro. You only need to be a willing steward making use of the talent that God has given you for His ministry in this end time.

If you are interested please tap Donna Jon Ferrero, or comment here or message us at

Thank you and hoping to hear from you soon.


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