bic at aya friendship camp 2018

Blessings I received from the AYA Friendship Camp

The AYA Friendship Camp is an event that will be forever embedded in my heart. Though it only lasted for three days, I believe it will last forever in heaven.

Nature getaway

There are a lot of things I will remember for sure. Being enveloped in nature is an amazing getaway from our busy and hectic lifestyle. The cooling breeze, green growing grass, and the swaying trees are all factors that made my camp experience more memorable. It also helped me deepen my relationship with God and taught me to appreciate the marvelous things He had created.

New friends

The bond with new friends I have gained during the camp was endless. It helped me be connected physically, socially, and spiritually with people of many different backgrounds, and I think it was a treat to hear many different experiences and stories from them.

Experienced God as my Strength and Provider

Being the unit captain was the cherry on top of my camp experience. It was both an honor and a responsibility. It was tough and difficult being a captain because you have to lead your team with resilience and persistence, while giving my unit members courage and motivation.

Being someone with little experience on how to handle bigger tasks is very stressful and it puts a lot of pressure on me. But I believe God is an open Book overflowing with wisdom and knowledge. At the peak of my struggle and doubts, God gave me the strength and drive to push through. He gave me the momentum to keep going on when I feel like there’s no hope. It led me to believe that nothing’s impossible if you just put your trust and faith in God.

As the theme of the camp was “Power of One,” everyone in my group brought something unique to the table, and by working together as one, we started to paint a beautiful picture that represents what team unity is.


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