Auto Pilate: Barabbas or Jesus?

We can be “Pilate” in a modern era. Pilate, the Roman governor during the time of Jesus, was closer with the truth or virtually holding the truth, yet having to let it go to shield and retain his political position. In so like manner, yet in different circumstances, we can be Pilate too in our own ways. Pilate of the old time chose to ignore his conscience for he well knew the truth, yet willingly brushed it off and sacrificed an innocent life.

How many of us are acting like Pilate? We are blessed to have known or have heard the truth about our Savior Jesus and it’s our commitment to share this good news with others. Is it not so wonderful to stand for the truth and be witnesses of it? How fair enough for Pilate to be given the chance to personally interact with his Creator but sadly due to him clinging to self-interest, he was not able to recognize his Savior.

Are we going to follow the footsteps of Pilate too? Having known our personal Savior, yet willing to give it up rather than risk losing our jobs, our standing in society, our relationships with family or friends, or perhaps afraid to lose our possessions. What if we turned back the time and found Pilate standing by his conscience and faithfully doing his duty? It might well be that the last chapter of his life will be a dignified one rather than of that sad ending taken as the final culmination of his life.

“So all who compromise with sin will gain only sorrow and ruin. “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Proverbs 14:12.” Ellen White, Desire of Ages, p. 736

Lessons of the past are set before us to serve as guide and give us insight on what is the best thing to do. They are ideal illustrations for us Christians to follow knowing what to practice and what to avoid doing. It is with great hope that we work together in complete reliance to the will of God as we pray without ceasing for His guidance to help us not to compromise with sin as this will only lead to sorrow and ruin. Choose not Pilate’s course, but stand firm with the truth. No matter what happen, if we seek to keep the truth and stand firm with it, then God’s blessings will surely abide in us.

In this sermon by Pastor Wilson Aritonang, we are reminded not to prioritize ourselves but “God’s kingdom first”. By doing so “all these things will be added” to us. We need to be reminded every now and then since we may often find ourselves on auto-‘pilate’ in our lives. Do not compromise with sin just to retain social status and other personal gains. The life of a Christian is based on faith to his Creator.

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