7 Days of Christmas is 7 days of surprises!

It was full of surprises!

From Day 1 to the very last sermon on Day 7, the whole series was full of unpredictable and yet meaningful experiences.

Because December 25 is nowhere to be found in the Bible as the date of Jesus’ birth and is commonly associated with a pagan origin, there’s always a time for a Bible-believing Christian to ask himself, “Should I celebrate Christmas or not?” or “What to do now on Christmas?”

Well, the “7 Days of Christmas” can somehow answer those questions.

Surprises in sermons

The whole series uses the Christmas season to preach God’s truth. It builds from the story where baby Jesus was born and then brings the listeners to other equally important truths from God’s Word such as salvation, church, baptism, Sabbath, Jesus’ second coming, tithes and offerings and husband-and-wife relationship among others.

Since it is the Christmas season, the seven titles for each night are aptly derived from the common Christmas carols such as “O Holy Night” and “Hark The Herald”, but one cannot easily predict how God’s truths were associated with the given titles. There’s always the “Ah, that makes sense!” or “Oh, that never crossed my mind before” moments which happened almost every night.

After attending the first two nights, one will wonder why the next sermon is titled as such and what will be the main lesson to be covered. That surprising element entices one’s curiosity and is possibly one reason why the nightly meetings had a sufficient number of attendees despite being held on a season where most people are on vacation.

7Days of christmas day5 b

Can you fill in the two missing words?

Here are some of the titles and the main topics associated with it:

O Holy Night” is the title on Day 3 and it is where the Sabbath as a holy day was discussed. “The First Noel” is the title on Day 4 and since ‘noel’ is often related to gift-giving, this sermon is about our response to His Gift which can be our freewill offerings and tithes among others.

O Come All Ye Faithful” on Day 5 is about baptism as those who are faithful must experience the baptism in water and Spirit.
We Are The Reason” on Day 6 is about salvation and the importance of a church.

Mary, Did You Know?” On Day 7 is probably the most favorite as it brought extraordinary experience to the audience. Believe it or not, this last sermon which was given on a Sabbath morning ended up with a renewal of vows among married couples! And of course, a revival of relationship to our Father in heaven. How did it happen? Watch the video here or look at some photos here to see how emotionally beautiful this experience was!

Surprises in songs and singing

Pastor Nelson Paolo, the speaker for the series from SSD Hope Channel, likes to put music anywhere in his sermons. Old hymns and short choruses were revived. Some songs bring back precious memories such as family worship, the day of baptism or a song rendition with family members.

Pastor Nelson would also intentionally ask from the audience to render some songs or join him in singing on stage. Amazingly, the renditions were awesome as though the pianist and the ‘volunteer’ singer(s) had practiced before. This is only possible through the administration of the Holy Spirit.

In spite of the many unpredictable incidents, God’s blessings and providence are consistent all throughout the seven-day series. Aside from the spiritual food, each attendee is also given a light meal prepared by a team led by Pr. Erwin Mamhot and Pr. Sudhakar Kempaiah.

(In Photos: 7 Days of Christmas)

Care Groups and the Baptism of 12 souls

Five souls were given Bible studies by elder Joselito Culot Dalman and assisted by Supanburi Care group of Supanburi SDA Church (Jechilyn Belle S. Pamero, Eleazar G. Pamero, Miraflor B. Sandimas, Risty A. Sandimas and Jezriel A. Sandimas).

Three souls were given Bible studies by Pr. Reben D. Huilar and assisted by Nawamin Care Group of Nawamin SDA Church (Erben Mar Z. Huilar, Juewen Pearl Z. Huilar and Ashley Nicole Castillo Busain).

Two souls were given Bible studies by Pr. Karlo Diel, assisted by elders Beejay and Randy, and Omnoi Care Group of Omnoi SDA Church (Brian Rey Ectin Murillo and Rutherona Jae Ballenas Murillo).

Two souls were given Bible studies by Pr. Rolly C. Obedencio and assisted by Banbueng Care Group, Cabayao family, Elder Wendel Glenn Jumalon and Pr. John Rey Caras, and (BISDAC) Bangpra International SDA Church (Christian Noel Bandala Toralba and Jerlyn Esdrelon Toralba). It was a Total Member Involvement (TMI) among church care groups, elders and pastors.

The “7 Days of Christmas” is an initiative of English-speaking Adventist churches in Bangkok and nearby provinces known as Central Zone 2 led by Pr. Edson A. Pellazar (Chairman), Pr. Rolly C. Obedencio (Secretary) and other ministers of the Gospel. Upon Dr. Bienvenido G. Mergal’s recommendation, Pr. Nelson contacted Pr. Rolly on October 29, 2018 and proposed the challenge of bringing the “7 Days of Christmas” to Thailand after being declined in Vietnam.

Thailand Adventist Mission and CZ2 pastors willingly accepted the challenge, planned and materialized the event by God’s power and Spirit, together with Ekamai International School administration, Pr. Arnold Galvo and the media team of Bangkok International Church, and the nearby churches in Bangkok. Singers and participants from respective nearby churches participated nightly. Churches which are about two-hour drive away sent their delegates on the Sabbath. What a wonderful event!

Just before Pastor Nelson started the last of the sermons, Pastor Rolly thanked all the individuals who made themselves available before God and made the event successful.

Hopefully, Christmas will never be an idle moment when it comes to evangelism and sharing God’s word from now on. The common Christmas carols now have deeper meanings to them. We have more reasons to share not only God’s love on Christmas, but also His endless truths that answer man’s purpose of existence and destiny.

It is recommended that the whole family shall spend the time to learn the lessons from this series which can also be watched here online.

Were you there during the 7 Days of Christmas? Did you watch the series online? What were your takeaways? You can share it to us using the comment section below. God bless!

(Special thanks to Pastor Rolly for his valuable input.)